Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Sweetest Love Letter Ever Written

My father was born late in life to my grandparents, and I was born late in life to my father. So, my grandparents were adults in the 1800's. My dad used to talk about going to Camp Ben Muccullough in Driftwood, TX to listen to Civil War vets tell war stories. My grandmother is the great, great niece of Ben Milam, Alamo-era hero. We love Texas, we love being Texan and Texas history is rich in my family. In the course of looking for information about the past, a family member gave me a copy of this letter written by my grandfather to my grandmother. The copy of the original is too hard to read to post, but here is the text. I wonder when we lost our gentility?

Leander, Williamson Co. TX
September 1, 1894

Dear Nancy,
We stopped at Leander, don’t know how long we will stay here. I am going to church tomorrow. Was invited to a musical entertainment last night but it was raining so I couldn’t go. It seems like there is no pleasure here for me anyway. How can there be, as I won’t be with the one I love so dearly. I dreamed last night that I was with you at the meeting. We were talking of going up on Barton and that I had the pleasure of listening to each loving word from your sweet lips, and oh how sad I feel to know that it is only a dream and not reality. And this dream has caused me to reflect on the so happy days passed when I have been permitted to enjoy the cheerful company of your sweet self, whom I desire above all things to pleasure. Believe me, dear Nancy, my love for you is growing daily. Your beloved image is ever ?? (this line was on a fold and is worn off) May I entreat the favor of an early reply which dear Nancy will be anxiously awaited by your truly faithful and devoted admirer.

Johnny P.
Leander, Williamson County

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  1. Love it! I want to see that when I come in next time.

    Love the pink, too!


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