Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Coffee Bar

Several years ago, my sister had a wet bar in her home that she set up as a coffee bar. I loved it and decided that I would build one when I built my house. We used space that is under our stairway. We have had many coffee pots in the bar and have currenly become Keurig addicts!
Have a wonderful day friends!

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It's pretty complete will all the coffee fixins'

Close up of the drawer handles
Close up of the cabinet handles
Small baker's rack with coffee and tea paraphernaila...little gifts from friends who know about my coffee addiction!
My friend, Julie, made this coffee quilt just for the bar
Half opening into my dining room

It smells great in here!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Scenes From Our Independence Day Parade

You have to love small town America! We're still patriotic here, we still pray at public gatherings, and community is important to us. We still have trains that run through downtown on a daily basis.  But twice a year...once for our County Fair, and once for the Fourth of July..the trains are shut down so we can gather to watch a parade.  Hope your 4th was blessed!

All ages from young....

To more mature!