Sunday, May 17, 2015

House Blessing

One of my children recently bought a new house.  I was trying to think of a good "house blessing" for him and his family. In my search, I found two that I am going to use.  The first one is from 2 Samuel 7:29.

New Living Translation
And now, may it please you to bless the house of your servant, so that I may continue forever before you.  For you have spoken, and when you grant a blessing to your servant, O Sovereign LORD, it is an eternal blessing!

The second is a traditional house blessing, but I think the only time I've seen it is on one of my favorite movies, It's a Wonderful Life.  It will be accompanied by the items mentioned.

Bread - May this house never know hunger.

Salt - That life may always have flavor.

Wine - That joy and prosperity may reign here forever.

I hope you're blessed today!