Saturday, May 16, 2009

I Hope It's the John Deere......

My husband went to price utility vehicles at Kubota and John Deere today.

To you, that just sounds like a common, everyday statement. To me, it's pure music! You see, I have the heart of a farmer. From the time I can remember my daydreams until now, I've dreamed of farming and ranching. Of course, there was also the dream of being a dancer, but I knew I didn't have enough killer-instinct to bring that dream about in any big way. In part, I took care of that dream in college.

My ideal childhood would have been growing up in a vineyard, having cows, horses, chickens, gardens and orchards. My family moved a lot. I went to first grade in three different states, and moved a couple of times each school year until we settled in a small Texas town when I was in the sixth grade. Although my childhood was enriched by that travel in many ways - I saw every major landmark across the southern US, I learned how to fit in as the "new kid", I experienced changes, if only small changes, in American culture, we even spent a summer in Europe for my Dad's work - I wonder if my dream had something to do with all the moving and desiring roots?

Whether or not that's the case, I remember when I was in the third grade and we were living in Mississippi. I used my own money, and bought some plastic flowers at the dime store and planted them in our yard! I have literally thought about farming, gardening, and ranching at every stage in my life.

God is faithful! I am about to see that dream (in cows and horses yet) come to life!

My husband often makes the statement that with me, everything starts with an outfit. I don't deny that because I really hope we get the John Deere since they have a cute line of women's shirts, jackets and hats! Okay, so I'm a girly-farmer. Keep watching, I'm sure I'll be posting pictures.

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  1. Can't wait to see you on your Gator driving around your land. =)


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