Friday, May 29, 2009

The Pool Is Taking Shape

They are really moving along with the pool. I've been watching the stone guys. If you've ever watched Rock Solid on TV...these guys are as good at laying stone, just not as funny.

Anyway, they are doing an amazing job. One of them has an artist's heart. When he came out here, his first question was whether or not he could use our native rock for the waterfall. I've watched him and he's pretty fascinating. He takes a look all around the rock piles first. Then he chooses a rock then turns it in all directions looking at all the faces. After he gets it to the pool...which sometimes takes heavy equipment (which we've already established...I love!!), he washes it out completely, does some chipping if he thinks it needs it, and places it in different directions in the waterfall. There are rejected rocks all behind the pool right now..he only chooses what looks best to his artist's eye. The waterfall is very rustic and beautiful. Much more beautiful than I imagined. It's all very Hill-Country Texas.

So, all of the stone on my pool (waterfall and jumping rocks) came from our land; I love the sound of that! Isn't it amazing that people pay big bucks, for what they have found free for the picking right on the ground here? We have enough stone to make walls, steps to go down to the pool, and benches on our land...and still there are plenty of rocks left. Our rocks runneth over!

This week they will pour the walkway around the pool, and pour the deck. Our pool guy told me that they would start the plaster next week, and once that is finished complete the waterfall. I think we're swimming by the end of June!


  1. Yay!! I can't wait to see it in person. Dad was talking about the waterfall today and I thought he was going to cry when he talked about how beautiful it is. I can see he was right!

  2. I've got my pool bag packed!! Can't wait.


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