Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bacon-Stuffed Pancakes

I will admit it, I am a Pinterest addict.

I actually do some of the things I find there, and keep thinking I'll do a lot more when I retire someday.  Recently, I pinned bacon-stuffed pancakes.  It's Spring Break, so I decided I had time to do some interesting cooking.  Mine are not as pretty as the Pinterest ones, but they taste great!

Start by cooking a pound or so of bacon, and mixing up some pancake batter.

I first tried laying the bacon in the skillet, and covering it with batter.  That didn't work as well as putting batter in first and then the bacon.  After that's done just cover the bacon with a little more batter.
It's nice to have heated syrup.
Final product.  My husband ate 4!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

I Love Thrift Shopping!

We have a few thrift stores in my area where I frequently find great deals on really nice clothing.  Yesterday I made a little haul.  I found two cute Ann Taylor tops, a Talbot's jacket, and a cute belt for $15 total. Because I find such bargains, I don't feel guilty about adding to my wardrobe frequently.  Okay, I also bought a Miss Me sweater at a shop in San Antonio that always has a Groupon.  It's a great bargain...$40 for $20, and I bought the Groupon a month ago.  So the sweater was $60, but it only felt like $20 - logic only my bargain-hunting sisterscan appreciate! Here are some pictures of my super finds.

Back of the sweater

Front of the sweater
Ann Taylor