Sunday, March 2, 2014

I Love Thrift Shopping!

We have a few thrift stores in my area where I frequently find great deals on really nice clothing.  Yesterday I made a little haul.  I found two cute Ann Taylor tops, a Talbot's jacket, and a cute belt for $15 total. Because I find such bargains, I don't feel guilty about adding to my wardrobe frequently.  Okay, I also bought a Miss Me sweater at a shop in San Antonio that always has a Groupon.  It's a great bargain...$40 for $20, and I bought the Groupon a month ago.  So the sweater was $60, but it only felt like $20 - logic only my bargain-hunting sisterscan appreciate! Here are some pictures of my super finds.

Back of the sweater

Front of the sweater
Ann Taylor

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