Sunday, November 15, 2009

My "Village"

When I was a young woman, I used to love to watch the movie, Funny Farm, with Chevy Chase and Madolyne Smith.  I related to the movie because I wanted to move to the country surrounded by hills, live in a "village" and be a writer.  Well, I have since moved to the country surrounded by hills, and I am an aspiring writer (retirement, maybe??).  Some people might not think of my small town as a village, but I do.  And the part in the movie where Chevy says, "cue the deer"...well, I would have fallen for that when I moved here.  The deer are everywhere...including downtown at times. They used to fascinate me...not so much anymore.

We have a town square with a beautiful courthouse, and at Christmas, the lighting will make you catch your breath!  We have a bandstand (gazebo) and at important times of the year it is used for a band, or for caroling, or for announcing the winner of Wassailfest.  Wassailfest is a really unique local event every year when downtown is closed to traffic.  The stores open up for shopping and make their own brand of wassail.  Once you've tasted about eight, you can vote for the best one.  The Christmas tree and downtown lighting are very important events held on the Friday night before Thanksgiving.  When the 4th of July comes, we have fireworks and flags surround the entire perimeter of our downtown. Speeches are made by elderly veterans. We have old churches, and old train overpasses, and lots of old buildings.  We have the oldest bakery in Texas, and a beautiful park with a Founder's Oak.  We say the pledge of allegiance and still pray at many public gatherings.  We're as close to a village as I think we can be.

Each season here has it's appeal.  The winters are fairly mild although we have several freezes and the occasional light snow.  Spring is beautiful with the wildflowers..bluebonnets being the flower of choice for Texans!  Spring is also the time that festivals start coming to the hill country.  You could go to one every weekend in the spring.  Summer is busy here.  We have two rivers, a lake, and a waterpark that all attract people from all over the nation.  When fall arrives, the city gets quiet and peaceful again.  For Texas, we have very nice fall color, especially around the rivers. 

I love it here!  I love living and working here, and I love the people I've met.  Even though I've been here 13 years it hasn't lost its appeal to me.
When I was that young woman watching Funny Farm, I used to pray that the Lord would move me to a place just like this.  I didn't know it at the time, but He had picked out the perfect place for me and for my family.  My sister has since moved here, as have my nephews, and my mom is about to move. One of my sons lives here and one lives near here, and I'm hoping that my daughter will move here soon.  It's like the Lord is gathering us together, and I feel very blessed by that!


  1. Hi Kimberly...

    My friend, it's so very nice to have you for Sunday Favorites today...thank you so much for joining in!!! Ohhhh...I certainly enjoyed all of your beautiful photos of your "village"! I am guessing that you are somewhere around Austin or San Antonio? I lived about 100 mls. south of San Antonio for about 30 yrs. before moving to a rural community in Colorado! The area in your photos look very familiar to me!

    I'm just so happy for you, Darlin'...that you are living out your dream! So many do not and it's really so sad! How wonderful to have so many of your family living near as well! That really is a blessing! As I said before...I too, live in a rural community and I just adore my life here! It's farm country...a sweet slow pace of living...and a commraderie of neighbors that many never experience! I'm very thankful to God for all the things that He has blessed me with and living the good ol' country way of life is one of those things!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful "village" with us...the countryside really is beautiful and I love, love, LOVE that lovely old courthouse! Such beautiful architecture!!!

    I hope that you're having a super Sunday, my friend...and I do hope that you'll join us for Sunday Favorites again!!!


  2. Ooh, so lovely. I am quite envious of your "village", I grew up in a small town, couldn't wait to get to the city and now that I am older, I wish I was back in that small town. Funny how things turn around.

    Love that movie by the way, just saw it last week and I love the line "cue the deer"!

  3. Hi Kimberly, so nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my red door for a visit and for following me. What a lovely place you live and how wonderful to have so much family around you. My eldest daughter lives right next door to me with her husband and my three grandsons. There's nothing more important than family! I'll be back to visit you again. I'm logged on to my daughter's site, so it looks like I'm Crunchy Christian Mom, but I'm actually Kathleen's Red Door Welcome.

  4. Hi Kimberly,
    Your 'village' sounds a lot like our Prince Edward Island, only we get the snow at Christmastime. I'll trade you!! Sounds like we have a lot in common as I enjoy the closeness of family and community too. I'm really glad you stopped by to visit. I am going to become a follower so that we can stay in touch. It's very nice to 'meet' you.


  5. Hi, don't tell me this is New Braunfels! I'm just assuming from what you mention. If so, I lived there from 1992-1997. Loved it there! But got a divorce and moved away.

  6. Hi Kimberly,

    This is my first visit to your blog, and I am charmed! Love the tour of your town. So cute. I was thrilled to see the pics of twin deer being born in your yard. AND I have the Old Curiosity Shop dishes, too!

    Your newest follower,


  7. Goodness, I didn't know Texas had bluffs like those along the river - - - it looks like LaCrosse, Wisconsin!!!

  8. Wonderful pics, I grow up in a big city like NY and used to and still do love small town, this is beautiful! Nice meeting you, I will be visiting you gain! Come over and visit us.

  9. Hi Kimberly...

    Ohhh...I remember this sweet post, my friend! It makes me a bit homesick for Texas! Especially now that ya'll are having some really beautiful weather and we are still stuck in the cooler temps in Colorado! Thanks for sharing this sweet post with us for the Sunday Favorites repost party this week!

    Warmest spring wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design


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