Sunday, November 8, 2009

We Gather Together...

We have had more cold days in October this year than I can ever remember. It's beginning to feel more like Thanksgiving every day. Although this is not my Thanksgiving table, it could work as one!

There is a little town about 5 minutes from my house named Gruene, TX. I found the brown toile plates there a couple of weeks ago, and the larger salad plates (they're sort of a muddy beige although they look white in the pictures) came from the Dollar Tree. The acorn salt and pepper shakers, and the acorn and pumpkin dishes came from Family Dollar. My clear gold cups and saucers are old, possibly depression era?

I found the place mats and napkins at a garage sale in Gruene awhile gotta love .25 napkins and place mats! Leaves are tucked into the napkin rings, and the flatware is Oneida Michaelangelo. My sister bought the pumpkin tureen for me several years ago.

Hope your fall is blessed with family, friends and lots of laughter!


  1. What a pretty table to sit and have a meal with family/friends. Thanks for being reader - hope I don't get to boring for you. :)


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