Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My New Beach Hat

This summer I'm taking a beach vacay. My husband says that everything I do begins with an outfit-not entirely untrue!  So, I decided I needed a great beach hat and started looking. I found the perfect hat, but it was $450!  I decided I could make a similar DIY hat and got busy buying what I needed.

First, the hat. I found one that fit right at Academy for about $15. Then, Hobby Lobby had their trim 1/2 price, so I bought a roll of black sequins for 1.50, and a bottle of fabric glue. 

I wanted a great beach "saying" and my friend who does my nails chose this one. 

I just wrote the words in glue on the hat. Then started covering the glue with sequins. If I made a mistake, I quickly cleaned it up with water on a washcloth. Fabric glue dries clear, so you have to be patient. Simple as that - and my beach hat is ready to go. 

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