Sunday, October 18, 2009

First Fall Weenie Roast....

For much of the year, it's really, really, hot in Texas. It's the kind of hot where you can cook an egg on the sidewalk...I once tried it. So when fall arrives, we anxiously watch the weather (no real need to watch it in the spring or summer) hoping for that first, much welcomed cold front. When my children were small, this turned into quite an event. As soon as the weatherman showed those beautiful blue lines on the map coming our way we would start gathering sticks for our kindling...the annual First Fall Weenie Roast was on! Even though everyone is grown, we still look forward to this annual party. It's become one of those family traditions that we wouldn't miss. This year, I decided to do a tablescape, buffet style, using my mis-matched brown drip ware.

The chili will be in the warming pot, the napkins are in the bean pot. The rooster pitcher is very old. It came from a florist shop and the sticker is still on the bottom showing the phone number with a TU exchange. If you remember phone number're as vintage as me! The cute leaf placemats came from Wal Mart earlier in the season.

There will be warm spiced cider in the fall beverage server and we will use the brown dripware mugs.

Of course, there will be 'Smores for dessert. My friend Julie made the cute 'Smores basket. There is a liner embroidered with a 'Smore, and a napkin to cover it all with our name on it.

Now..let's get outside and start cooking! Happy fall, everyone!


  1. As always, it looks beautiful!

  2. Love the fall warmth of all of this! Looks like such fun!


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