Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Squash...Cajun Style!

Our friend and my husband's co-worker, Renee, has been supplying us with squash, tomatoes and peppers this summer.  We've eaten them in omelets, salads, frozen some peppers for cooking later, and cooked all the squash the way my cajun mom taught me.  Here's the recipe:

Peel, seed and cut up the squash, about 6 small or 4 large (keep a few seeds..they're very nutritious)
Dice 1/2 large onion
Put bacon grease if you have it ...(I used olive oil..but bacon grease tastes better) into a black cast iron skillet

( the way, no self-respecting cajun girl ever cooks a cajun dish without her black cast iron skillet.Mom gave me mine (used) when I got's probably in the neighborhood of 60 years old!)

Start cooking the onion and squash together
Add salt, red pepper, black pepper and 2 T. raw sugar
Cook and stir until it is tender and brown.

This is how it starts out...

This is how it ends up..smokey, caramelized and delicious!

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