Friday, March 18, 2011

Pink Saturday!

After almost of year of nursing my husband who had a stroke (he's much better), I'm starting to feel a little free...and wanting to do some of the things I used to blog!  So, I'm joining in the fun with Beverly at How Sweet the Sound, and playing Pink Saturday!

I've been a pink girl for quite some time.  When I was in graduate school, I met with a professor for an independent study I was doing.  I reached in my purse to grab a pen...and he looked in my purse and said.."'s pink in there!"  I hadn't thought about it much until the other day (approximately 5 years later) when my sister looked in my purse and said the same thing!  So, I'm sharing the contents of my purse...and the pink camera and computer with which I created this blog!  Happy Pink Saturday, friends...I've missed seeing all of you!

My purse...not sure where the red coin purse came from...will work on that!

Love my pink computer and camera!


  1. My 'puter and phone are pink too. Have to work on the camera :) Happy pink Saturday !

  2. You must have a large bag to carry all those things. I just carry a small little purse that would fit in may pocket. I am glad things are getting better at your place.

  3. I Love Pink as well. But I think your pink bag has me beat by far. I love the pink camera and computer. Im with LV you must carry a very large bag. Though I must say I know I do.
    Im here from Pink Saturday.
    Glad your hubby is feeling better.

  4. Oh I just love your pink camera!

    Last Monday I did a tutorial on a pink party favor which you might enjoy.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. Hi, Kimberly,
    Glad you decided to join P Sat. I love your pink stuff. Especially the pink camera. I just bought myself a new one, but it's red. :)
    Cute kitties on the header.

  6. Wow! I love all your pink stuff!! I am the same way....I love pink!! I love everything about your blog! There is so much to see and look at!! Great job!
    I am your newest follower! I am a brand new blogger; therefore, I am just learning! I hope you will come by to visit me sometime!
    Happy Pink Saturday!!


  7. I am so glad to hear that your husband is much better. Welcome back to blogging and Pink Saturday. I am Lynn. Started coming to PS about 3 months ago, but have been blogging a lot longer. Retired last August so started doing some parties in blogland. Love the pink computer and camera, especially. Perfect for PS. Continued blessings and hope to see again soon. Continued blessings to your husband on regaining his health. I truly believe love is the most healing medicine. God Bless you both.

  8. Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Kimberly. I am so glad you joined us, and I hope you will continue.

    How wonderful that your husband is improving. Your pink-filled purse made me smile. And, then you make it even better with a pink computer and pink phone. Way to go!


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