Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I remember as a young woman reading a book that said that one reason some marriages go under is because women don't make time to have girlfriend-time anymore. The idea was that we expect our husbands to meet needs that they simply can't. While my marriage is fine I, like all women, need time to run things by my girlfriends, to laugh and cry with them, to drink coffee, and quilt or whatever it is we do. I wonder when I got too busy to make time for friends? I have a lot of girlfriends, some I've had for most of my life, but today was the first time since July that I actually had a planned, sit-down discussion with a friend, and she had to plan it. Before that, it was probably the previous summer! I work too many hours, but that is the nature of my career. I need to fix this.....anyone have suggestions?


  1. You have to MAKE the time to do that. I am just as guilty of not taking time out for friends, unless I have an agenda. (Prayer, life group, etc.) We need to learn to make this a priority!

  2. I agree with Shara - just like you make a "date" with your dr., dentist, even your hubby, you have to make a date with your friends - sad but true. Girl friends just don't always get it like the hubs!

    Good luck -

  3. Yep, that's all I can think of too. Schedule it. We have to have girlfriends. I have always "wondered" a little bit about these women who say their husband is their absolute best friend. I have always made sure that person was a woman. Cause men just don't get all our women stuff! (We have to have our girl time and girl secrets!)

  4. I know that for me, girlfriends are my lifeline sometimes. We all try to get together for a couple of different activities all year long. We have a book club that meets once a month, a "chick flick film festival" twice a year complete with comfy clothes and lots of yummy food and once a year a few of us get together for a BIG escape. We've gone on a cruise, gone for a long weekend to visit friends in Texas and spent a couple of falls in a cabin together.

    We all look forward to our girl days. I HIGHLY recommend them!


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